Research, Proposals, and Editing

Serving funding agencies, non-profit, UN agencies, government bodies, private consulting firms and research students working on development, and human rights issues. Focus on Education, Gender, Refugees, Youth, Indigenous People, Minorities, and all forms of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination – including apartheid: the crime against humanity.


Although specialized in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, development, economics, human rights, and political affairs, our experts can assist in other disciplines.

Services include supporting in masters thesis, PhD thesis and just simple editing. Students often need great support in thinking, structuring and developing arguments when writing their thesis and we are here to support.

Our editing services can be on 3 levels: language, structure, and content.  Customers can choose one or all 3 levels for full editing.

Our consultants can edit anything from research papers (for peer-review publishing) to brochures, web content, or any other documents.


Our experts in anthropology, archaeology, development, economics, human rights, and political affairs provide a solid background to provide a reliable, and professional piece of research.

Our archaeology and history experts provide an extra layer of analysis explaining the depth of the problem its solution, and its sustainability. Today, we are working on adding the technological layer to suit the cyber world of today – covering both ends of the spectrum: from ancient history, leaping into the future.

Desk Research, Field Research, Political analysis, situational analysis, policy paper, shadow reports and briefs – including website briefs and content – all available  to our customers.


Our experts do not follow the ‘one size fits all’ principle, but rather designs every proposal to fit your organization, your unique project, and the specific funding agency.

An extensive research background is included – describing the problem and providing a robust background for the project, and its solution (especially if it’s a trialed project).

The resulting proposal will have specific goals, objectives, and activities translated into goals, outcomes, and outputs demonstrating the clear impact of the project. Timeline, budgets and other tangible results are also included. 

Our consultants worked with USAID, EU, and various embassies – and hence their experience extends beyond average proposal writing.