Who We Are?

Passionate - Reliable - Sustainable

A group of talented professionals that have extensive experience in their specialties and offer their services on a full time and part time basis. 

We are passionate about the alternative direction: ethical solutions that last!

Our Philosophy

Three specializations, one philosophy.  Our Group is looking to provide an alternative direction to the popular discourse. If you are looking for a solution that is authentic, ethical and sustainable, then we are your solution!   Our services include a comprehensive consultation to carve out your most suitable path for your business, project, career, or writing piece.  

Our Fields of Expertise

Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, International Development, International Relations for the social sciences

For Design, our experts include those in the fields of: Architecture, Communications, Computer Programming, Design, Marketing.  

While for Finance, we have experts in the fields of: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources.

And finally we are mostly World Travelers, Adventurists, with a Reiki Master on board.

How we work​

Start with dropping us a line!
We will always respond to our new customers, and offer you a free 30min consultation.
To give back, we offer career advice for students, and travel advice for tourists –