Education Support & Career Advice

Students and career oriented people are often re-questioning the paths they should take.  This is why we are here, to give you advice.  Our consultants have studied and worked in various fields, and enrolled in a wide array of universities in the UK and US.

University Advice

Going into the right university or college is a tough choice.  It can vary based on geography, finances, disciplines and career goals.  Our experts have studied and explored various courses in a wide array of universities from Oxford or MIT to small liberal arts colleges like Manhattanville College or University of Aberdeen.  Advice will be given based on the student’s interests, limitations and performance. 

Other services include assisting in drafting personal statements.  We can also connect you to a fellow graduates from the university or college of choice.

Research Support & Editing

Although specialized in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, development, economics, human rights, and political affairs, our experts can assist in other disciplines.

Services include supporting in masters thesis, PhD thesis and just simple editing. Students often need great support in thinking, structuring and developing arguments when writing their thesis and we are here to support.

Our editing services can be on 3 levels: language, structure, and content.  Customers can choose one or all 3 levels for full editing.

Our consultants can edit anything from research papers (for peer-review publishing) to brochures, web content, or any other documents.

Career Advice

Choosing the career path suitable for you can be a very challenging task.  Our consultants have worked in a wider array of fields from academia, to the international organizations sphere, or the transnational companies.  Understanding your passion, your inclinations, your country’s markets are key variables in making such decisions.

Our job is to brainstorm with you and figure out the career path most suitable for you, and advise on how to get there.