Nisf Jubeil

Nisf Jubeil

A small social enterprise that serves to provide you with authentic and fresh products.  Based on rural development and original approaches. 

Given COVID19 limitations – services are not guaranteed, so please contact us.

Nisf Jubeil

 A small social enterprise that provides you with authentic and fresh products.  Our main produce today is the Olive Oil from Jabal Nablus, occupied Palestinian territories – known to be the best in the world.  It is the taste of family olive oil – bitter and spicy tastes, good, pure and most importantly, real.  Available in cold and machine press.  

Given COVID19, there are oversees shipping challenges, so please contact us to inquire further.

Abdel Hamid Palace

Rural stay, in a real quiet village.  A village representing tolerance and diversity.  The real taste of nature and original human dwelling.  Located in Jabal Nablus, occupied Palestinian territories.   Visit us today!

Coming soon: a Museum and Bed & Breakfast.

Wellness - Yoga and Reiki Retreats

Yoga and meditation retreats will be available in the rural calmness of Jabal Nablus, occupied Palestinian territories.  Retreats will be organized with a minimum of 15 people, so sign-up to be added to the list for the next wellness retreat.

Given COVID19, we have stopped organizing all retreats until further notice.

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